I am a firm believer that having a clean and organized home helps us to have a clear mind!

Hi, I am an experienced residential house cleaner successful at providing consistent and high quality cleaning services for your basic cleaning needs or for a move in/out deep clean service. You as a home owner are seeking someone who can correctly and efficiently complete a wide range of cleaning tasks. For more than 20 years I have provided thorough cleaning for many satisfied customers. I cover all your basic cleaning needs and more. I am customer focused and am here to help keep your home clean, neat, and organized. I use my own home made eco-friendly products made with simple ingredients such as essential oils, castille soap, baking soda and vinegar.

As a dedicated and reliable individual with honesty and attention to detail, please don't hesitate to communicate with me for any specific home cleaning you need me to focus on. I will make sure to do the job right for your needs.

Home Spritz basic cleaning includes vacuuming and mopping floors, general dusting for all surfaces, making beds (linen changes if requested), cleaning and sanitizing kitchen counter tops, emptying garbage, cleaning bathroom (tub, shower, sink, and toilet). Please add extra cleaning and let me know if there are any specific requests needed. Also, if Deep Clean has been added please add extra time or exclude something from the basic cleaning. Extra Add-On charge refers to a Deep Clean which would include; Interior Kitchen cupboards(all cabinets to be cleaned must be emptied before I arrive please. Only cabinets within reach can be cleaned using a 2-3 step ladder provided by client.( I do not climb on counter tops) Refrigerator(Interior) Oven(Interior)PLEASE NOTE: Self cleaning ovens must be run the night before I arrive. Self cleaning ovens have a special coating inside that allows the oven interior to reach extremely high temperatures. This coating cannot be cleaned with cleaning solutions as it may damage the interior of your oven!

What I do not clean:

Inside of washers & dryers, dishwashers

pet excrement


unfinished concrete such as garage floors nor do I clean the garage

Also please note that any garbage bins emptied into garbage bags I will throw in the clients outdoor trash container. I do not take the garbage off the premises.

Thank You!

Minimum booking length in hours: 3
Willing to work with animals?:
Would you like to add a buffer time (1 hour) before and after booking for travel? : Yes