Why Choose Home Spritz for your Home Cleaning

  • We choose the top 2% of cleaners that apply, not everyone can be a cleaner with us. 
  • All cleaners are experienced and have completed background checks and training.
  • By choosing a cleaning with us you are helping a cleaner earn more than the minimum Living Wage, significantly higher than the industry average.
  • The average hourly wage for cleaners in Canada is $15/hour despite a cleaning costing you $25-$50 per hour. Our cleaners make a range of $18/hour to $30/hour, ensuring cleaners' living wage. 
  • This does not mean we charge you more. The cleaning costs the same or lower for you, but our small managing fee helps to make this happen and benefits both you and cleaners.
  • Choose the price that fits your needs from $20/hour to $35/hour.
  • Scroll through cleaner profiles to compare prices, ratings, and cleaning experience and find the best match for you and your home.
  • Our reviews are only available after a cleaning has been paid for and completed.
  • We have customer service ready to support your cleaner and yourself at customerservice@homespritz.ca

Find a Cleaner Now

How It Works

1.  Search your postal code
2. Find a cleaner for your price, schedule, and needs
3. Select your time and preferences
4. Pay
5. Communicate your needs to the cleaner directly
6. Enjoy your life while we take care of your home cleaning!

We are a marketplace helping you find the best cleaners and helping the cleaners earn more than anywhere else.

What We Clean

A Home Spritz basic cleaning includes vacuuming and moping floors, general dusting for all the surfaces, making beds (linen changes if requested), cleaning and cleaning kitchen countertops, emptying garbage, cleaning bathroom (tub, shower, sink, and toilet). Please add extra cleaning on the booking page and let your cleaner know if there are any specific requests needed.

We also offer deep cleans, oven scrubs, windows, move in/out cleaning, and more.