Home Spritz

About Us

Home Spritz wants to give our home cleaners an above living wage and help them earn more income while providing customers the best price, service, and peace of mind in having their homes cleaned. This allows us to choose only the best house cleaners from the beginning. Helping cleaners earn more ensures we keep the best cleaners who will take care of our customers. We also allow you to directly communicate with home cleaners to ensure you get the service you want. If something was missed on your first cleaning. Reach out to the cleaner and ask for more focus on the areas you need, communication is key to ensuring your house is glowing and fresh. We strive to take care of our cleaners and help them find areas to make more money and improve their service to you the customer. A happy cleaner means a happy house, not only yours but the cleaner as well. If we work together we can improve the lives of everyone around us. We recommend that our home cleaners only use eco-friendly products, but we know that you may have different requirements. Please talk directly with your home cleaner about the cleaning products you'd like them to use. Service Area -Calgary